Sarah Stanaland
Kaseiko's Portfolio
Digital Artist; Creature Designer

About Me

I am a 23 year old artist who has been drawing since I can remember. Drawing has always been my passion, and I don't see that changing. I specialize in digital art, and use Paint Tool SAI as my art program of choice.

My greatest strengths has always been illustration and creature design. I have taken art nearly all years that I was in school, including AP Art my senior year of high school. I also do a lot of self-study, and love learning new things and applying them to future pieces.

Below you will see a summary about my galleries:

This folder includes some highlight pieces that I have completed for clients. If applicable, characters are copyrighted to their respective owners

Art for Non-Clients
Art that has still been done for others, but not for pay. These are mostly trades or gifts.

Personal Artworks
Art I have done either spontaneously for fun or study, or are illustrations of my own characters.

Sketches and WIPs
Sketches/Linearts and Works in Progress
Copyright Policy